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Creation at the Speed of Culture

With more than a billion downloads, Sequoia-backed unicorn Picsart is one of the most popular creative platforms in the world. If you’re a teenager, you know it.

But the audience is evolving. It’s no longer just an app for self expression. Many now use Picsart o design for side hustles and commercial use. It was time for the brand to grow up.

Hermit helped Picsart define its brand voice. Based on user data and interviews with leadership, we developed the brand archetype ‘The Rebel Art Teacher,’ a nurturing master who knows how to bring out the best in her misfit creators.

That fun and nurturing brand voice comes through in product and UX copy. Notifications and prompts encourage users to get started and keep creating.

We applied the Rebel Art Teacher brand voice to product, social, emails, content, and advertising. Same voice. Slightly different tone per touchpoint.

Beyond its user base, Picsart needs to communicate with businesses, investors, and the press.  So Hermit helped Picsart develop its corporate messaging. The challenge was to convey serious messages while keeping it light and fun.

In the process Hermit helped Picsart refine its brand purpose, vision, and mission.



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