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Security doesn’t have to be so serious

Cloud security is one of the most in-demand tech skills. So in-demand, that all the experts are busy. Palo Alto-based startup Permiso set out to make expert security available to non-experts.

Hermit worked with the founders to articulate the company’s values: Simplicity, Trustworthiness, and Fun. This came to life as a vibrant design system that breaks free of the stark and cliche-filled world of B2B tech. Rule number one: No pictures of clouds with keyholes!

The design system flexes to product, web, and comms. Whether it’s a boardroom pitch deck or a humble password reset email, every touchpoint breathes the Permiso brand.

The name Permiso is soft, inviting, and memorable. The simple logo can work in all sizes, from a bus stop billboard to a 16×16 pixel favicon.



Los Angeles