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Welcome to the age of AI agents

The race is on to provide AI agents to enterprise business users. With an all-star founding team and backing from Felicis Ventures, BREVIAN came out of the gates strong. Hermit set BREVIAN up with an elegant brand identity, launch site, and prompt framework for LLMs.

The logo takes inspiration from angle brackets, which are commonly used in programming. The Λ is a unicode character, which makes it possible to type the logo out in text as BREV/ΛN

The illustrations are built from the V and Ʌ in the logo. These forms represent the AI Agents, which operate in unison to make decisions and perform tasks.

A slick one-page launch site introduced the company, laid out use cases, and detailed product benefits.

The identity works across all touchpoints. Whether it’s a favicon, a social post, or a T-shirt, it immediately looks and feels like BREVIAN.



Los Angeles